NSW Government Policy & Policy Tools

The NSW Government's Interagency Policy, Preventing and responding to abuse of older people (2015), underpins the remit of the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit. See the PDF attached below for the policy in full.

'The purpose of the NSW Interagency policy for responding to the abuse of older people is to:

• outline the commitment of the NSW Government to preventing and responding to the abuse of older people and to minimising risk for those living in community settings

• guide the conduct, accountability and ongoing development of the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline and Resource Unit (EAHRU)

• provide direction to government and non-government agencies and community organisations working with older people to support the:

  •  development of their local/regional policies
  •  coordination of their local/regional responses to abuse of older people living in community settings
  •  protection and support of their workers in situations when abuse is suspected alleged or witnessed
  •  engagement of the community supporting older people experiencing or at risk of abuse
  •  provide a clear understanding of the principles and concepts underpinning an effective response to situations of abuse of older people in the community to all agencies and their workers (including volunteers) providing services to or in other ways working with older people
  •  define the forms of abuse as a guide to the consistent collection of data, monitoring, analysis and reporting on the incidence of abuse and trends in outcomes at regional and statewide level over time.

Policy tools for professionals

In collaboration with the NSW Government, the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline has developed tools to assist professionals to develop their own workplace elder abuse policy. These tools include a model policy, a policy checklist and policy response protocol. Please see PDFs below.